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”..No, I’m not..from around here. I’m merely..passing through, you could say. A stable shouldn’t be hard to find around here.” Even if he wasn’t keen on horse riding, it was really the only option to traveling quickly. “I appreciate your…ah, concern, but it’s unneeded, signora.”

Nonsense~” She needed a reason to get away from the guards and she wasted no time in tugging Joe along to get out of their sight. “You’re walking away from the stables, they are ov- …What’s up with your eyes?”



Leonardo shook his head and poured more tea into the cups. Allegra, on the other hand, wiggled happily in her arms and tried her best to give Lucrezia kisses. 

Giggling, Lucrezia held the puppy up more so it could give her kisses, and that she could return the kisses all over the little’s one head. “She’s so sweet~” 



Whoa. Lucrezia was stronger than he might have imagined — Leonardo gave her a tight hug then stepped aside, scolding Allegra who had begun to yip and try to pull on his cape from her perch on the table. 

"-Don’t scold her," Lucrezia brushed by the other and picked up the little puppy, "She just wants some love too~" The canine might be yappy, but it was just so cute! How could anyone scold such a little face? She petted the little puppy behind the ears, making her way back to where she had been siting before.




Oh! He hadn’t been expecting that — a hug, from Lucrezia of all people. Regardless, he wrapped his arms around her and patted her on the shoulder. 

Even though Leonardo hug felt.. awkward, she still hugged him. Even more than that, she squeezed him tighter, relaxing sightly. 



Not able to help but listen into the argument out of sheer curiousity as he walked, the killer hadn’t expected for it to end so quickly. He raised his head slightly, only to have the woman bump into him, drawing a surprised grunt from him. He cleared his throat, ducking his head down and immediately moved around her, uttering a quiet “apologies.”

If there was one person in the world he didn’t want to mess with right now, it was a woman who’d been surrounded by a guard procession seconds earlier. Joe wasn’t really sure how the guards in this time period acted, but he wasn’t too keen to find out that they had hair-trigger tempers.

"-Hey, wait, you." Lucrezia turned and followed after Joe, moving on to try and hide behind him in order to stay out of the guard’s sight. ..Which wasn’t really working too well. Plan B then.

"Where are you heading? You sound not from here, are you lost? Do you know where you’re going?" 



"He won’t find out," Leonardo shook his head. "I’ll make sure of it. It’ll take me a little while to set up the room, but…until then, the back door will always be open to you, si? And you don’t have to tell me anything you don’t want to.”


Smiling lightly, the woman placed the tea-cup down. “Thank you, thank you a lot.” She spoke before going quiet, and then- getting up and giving Leonardo a big hug. Her face was pressed into his shoulder as she just squeezed him.



"Yes, I have noticed," he said with a grim smile. "And of course, duchessa. I don’t think he would expect to find you here, being a little ways from il castello.”

Leonardo sipped his tea, in a pensive mood. It seemed that Lucrezia and he both shared the role of bearing the brunt of Cesare’s temper. “I can arrange things as a hiding spot for you, so do not worry; and I would not give you up to Cesare, either.”

The woman nodded, “I just hope he wouldn’t come find you hiding me by mistake. You have seen his anger, and he might come to take it out on you-” She frowned, looking down at her tea. “….I don’t even want to think about what he would do if he finds out I’ve been hiding here.” 

Drawing her knees up to her chest, she drank the last of her tea. 


"…or anything you want me to know. Or anything I should know in the sense that…well, should I leave the back door unlocked more often?” he gave her a look. “Maybe move some chairs and tables so as to create an alcove where one might hide?”

Lucrezia nodded her head. That sounded quite nice. “Si. I’ll like that.” She took a sip of the tea, it had cooled a bit and now was perfect. “Cesare has a few …anger issues, have you noticed? I would like to be able to stay out of his little war path when he gets into one of his ‘moods’-” Her room wasn’t the safest place to be, and if she took cover at Leonardo’s- Well, there were a lot of hiding spaces. Thankfully she wasn’t that large of a woman. 


queenofroma replied to your post: queenofroma asked:/slide a neatly…

Oh, nothing too fancy~ Just some treats for your little puppy, some hair ties and clips for yourself, and Cesare’s work schedule~

Oh! Oh— 


Grazie, duchessa

//oh god Cesare’s work schedule thank

Remember, these are puppy treats, not human. also I added in on the back when I have my spa time in case you want to join



"Lost here, Missy?!" A voice came from out of the dark, a thin but protecting shadow in a narrow street, before the figure and the voice’s urgin stepped out, rovering around the side of the road. The night had silenced the usual so lively street, and Fillan seemed totally calm as he walked around the stranger sitting there. 

"You should be back home where it is safe, don’t you think so? Dangerous people walk these streets at night!"

Hearing the voice, the woman couldn’t help but to jump and get to her feet. Who said tha- oh, a young man by the looks of it. …Now, this might be a bit dangerous. One never knew what one interest’s may be. 

"Si, I’m a bit lost though. Do you know where we are?" Lucrezia asked, making sure her voice was calm.