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A cuddler in the closet | Closed


"Well, what I meant by bleeding is there isn’t much. You can easily wipe it away with a cloth." He reached over with a cloth in his hand and dabbed away some more blood that started to form on the wound.

He hesitated when she invited him to sit in bed with her. There had never been a time in his career where he ever laid in bed with a patient, much less one of his employers. His patients never asked though, and in this situation the patient required company to help her heal.

Without another word, he listened to Lucrezia. walked over and slowly settled into the spot where she patted. It felt slightly awkward, moreso because he’d never done this before, but he didn’t complain. Clearing his throat, he reached over and cleaned more blood that started to form from her wound again. “Grazie, signora Lucrezia.”

"…I rather not have to look or touch a cloth stained with my blood." She commented, trying not to stare at what he was doing to wipe up said bleeding. …For now, it might be best to just keep her eyes closed and try not to think about it.

The woman relaxed sightly, before the movement of Malfatto taking a seat on the bed made her look over. “-Don’t wear your shoes on my bed, take them off.” Her sheets might need to be washed later, but she rather not have them burnt thanks to whatever the doctor had been stepping in.

"…When will it heal?"

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Escaping Prisoner


          He honestly wasn’t, well not much. Him

     and his lads always talked about Hell,

     though it wasn’t that often. He only gave the

     woman a shrug as he continued forward.

                    "I am not that religious like I think you are…

               I don’t care much for it…”

Just standing there and staring at the man for a few moments, the woman snapped out of it and took to leading the way once more. “You’re going the wrong way, it’s this way.” 

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He ignored the comment about his nails, and began to lightly massage the herbal substance into her injured foot. “Rest for a bit, I will send a guard to fetch a carriage for you.”

Huffing to herself, the woman gave a nod of her head. “Fine,” How on earth did the doctor think she would rest? Of course she wasn’t going to be walking around, but relaxing in a doctor’s office? 

Anonymous sent: I can't help but be aroused by this.. creature. I can't hurt her. Not before I get to feel that mixture of extreme pleasure and agony once more. Blissful torture. Ezio is having troubles of his own as well. He shakes his head, clearing his mind of .. wandering thoughts. His hidden blade springs up. He moves in. I run ahead of him and crouch protectively before my mast- Lucrezia. I feel the coolness of her slender fingers in my hair.

'His hidden blade springs up.'

Anonymous sent: Lucrezia is kneeling over several bodies, another one in her sharp nailed hand, her mouth smeared with blood. She looks up at me, blonde hair tumbling past her bare shoulders, licking her full lips, her eyes blazing wickedly. I can't help but be aroused by this.. creature.



Home is where the Heart is


"I’d still like to know what ya were so up tight about. So I can hopefully keep ya from snapping at me again."

Opening her mouth, she soon closed it and took a look around. “…Will you stay here tonight?” 

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Slice of Pie


"Yeah lets go." Snatching the keys from their spots she made her way towards the car. "Got everything we need to get this done?"

She nodded, “Yes. We just have to get there now~” Grinning, she bought their things along with the food into the car with them. 

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Anonymous sent: CATSHAMING SIGN: I'm a shopaholic who bought this sign on sale.

but it came with a free pair of shoes

Ultimate Rp To-Do List



  • Slavery AU
  • Thieving AU
  • Assassin AU
  • Pirates AU
  • Princess/Noble AU 
  • Bandits AU
  • Shape Shifter AU
  • Demon AU

Modern AU’S:

  • Road Trip AU
    Roommate AU
  • College AU
  • Vegas AU
  • Delinquent AU
  • Bartender/Nightclub AU
  • Stripper AU 


  • Hospital AU
  • Living with no parents AU
  • All the crew is dead except two AU
  • I also want to do some torture/horror ones


  • All the ones I said above can be turned into shippy
  • Winter Lodge AU

Did I ever say, that I loved AURP’s?

CATSHAMING; what kind of a “catshaming” sign would your character hang on my character’s neck?

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